Algo Trading Webinar Series – FXCM Rest API and Automated Trading

Published on November 22, 2021

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Looking to dive into algorithmic trading? Watch Part 3 of this 3 part series to better understand how you can use FXCM’s Rest API and automated trading to maximize your ROI.

**Additional Resources**

GitHub: Visit the GitHub repository for API documentation and resources for creating and backtesting your algorithmic trading strategy

API Trading: FXCM offers APIs ideal to automate your trading strategy. Learn more about our REST API, FIX, JAVA, and ForexConnect offering

FXCM Python Wrapper: is a convenient pythonic way to interact and expose all the capabilities of our REST API with different Python classes

Market Data: Access historical bid/ask prices, volume, trader sentiment, and other ready-to-go trading tools

Trading forex/CFD’s on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors as you could sustain losses in excess of deposits.

Algo Trading Webinar Series – FXCM Rest API and Automated Trading

Algorithmic Trading In Forex, Algo Trading Webinar Series – FXCM Rest API and Automated Trading.


Who uses algo trading?

algo trading is mainly used by institutional financiers and big brokerage firm homes to minimize expenses connected with trading. According to study, algo trading is specifically advantageous for large order dimensions that may make up as much as 10% of general trading quantity.

Recommended Book for Automated Trading

Professional Automated Trading: Theory and Practice

Book by Eugene A. Durenard

Algo Trading Webinar Series – FXCM Rest API and Automated TradingAn insider’s view of how to develop and operate an automated proprietary trading network Reflecting author Eugene Durenard’s extensive experience in this field, Professional Automated Trading offers valuable insights you won’t find anywhere else. read more…

Originally published: 2013
Author: Eugene A. Durenard

The Ultimate Overview To Successful Algo Trading

Basically every person that has actually configured a computer to do
anything beyond outputting “Hello there World” has actually imagined having a computer formula (algo) functioning tirelessly to extract cash from the economic markets, be it in stocks, bitcoin, soybeans or anything else traded on an exchange. “Programming genius, market slayer” is an expression we had actually all like to be connected with. That is what a great algo investor is.
But exactly how realistic is developing and deploying a digital algo robot, or a military of bots, to make money for you? As well as, presuming it can be done, exactly how do you in fact tackle doing it? This guide walks you with the actions to ending up being effective at algo trading. But be alerted it is a lot more involved and a lot more tough than you could believe.

The Essentials What Are We Actually Speaking about?

Before we obtain also far, there is some terms involved in trading that will help you understand algo trading. There are 3 key modes of trading. The very first is discretionary trading, where a trader makes buy/sell choices based upon any variety of elements, several of which can be configured, and others such as intuition and inklings which can not. Several discretionary investors look at charts or cost ladders on a computer display for hours each time, buying and selling as they accompany.

The 2nd kind of trading is algo trading. In years past, it was called mechanical, organized, black box or guideline based trading. Currently many people describe it as algo or algo trading, however the suggestion has actually not transformed. The core ideology is that all the rules for buying and selling (the “trading system” or “trading approach”) are 100% specified, and purely followed. This makes algo trading perfect for a computer to implement, and also run automated in real time without human treatment. One massive benefit of this style of trading is the rules can be historically checked, known as a “backtest.” By running a backtest, you can get self-confidence in a trading algo prior to placing cash behind it. If the rules were not successful in the past, they likely won’t remain in the future!

The third kind of trading combines discretionary and algo trading. This is known as a hybrid or gray box technique. For example, maybe the entrances are based upon a trader’s intuition, with just the leave rules computerized.
For the discussion below, we will focus on the 2nd technique pure algo trading – 100% computerized rules for buying and marketing any tool. We will want to algo trade on an exchange, which is just a physical or virtual setting where purchasers and vendors can implement professions.

Why Should You Pay attention To Me?

Since we have standard terms down, you could be questioning why you need to pay attention to me. Initially, I have been algo trading for over 25 years, and most importantly, not always efficiently. Throughout the years, I have found out and get over the pitfalls in trading system layout that plague many investors. This took years of hard work and tuition (losses) paid to the market. But eventually, I was able to make a go of algo trading, and completed in 1st or 2nd area 3 years in a row in an around the world, genuine cash futures trading contest, earning over 100% in each of those years.
I was also able to attain the objective that entices many part-time leisure activity investors – making the leap to full-time trading, which I still do today. In the process, I created 3 best selling algo trading books, and I share my experiences worldwide with workshops, courses and conferences.

So, along with my early trading failings, I have had validated trading success. That is necessary, given that many trading instructors have never also traded efficiently! The procedure I set out later on in this article is genuinely from a person that has actually “been there, and done that.”

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Algo Trading Webinar Series – FXCM Rest API and Automated Trading
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