Day Trading Strategy with The 3 Line Strike Indicator on Tradingview

Published on April 5, 2021

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Day trading is no easy thing to do, but having the right strategy is a good place to start!

In this video, we breakdown a simple trend continuation strategy built off of the 3 Line Strike scalping strategy (with some changes).

00:00 About the Strategy
00:45 Indicators
01:37 Trade Signal Examples
05:42 Exit Indicator Concept
06:28 Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket!
07:41 Protect those Profits!
08:54 Indicator Settings and Inputs

Aspects of this Strategy:
-Trend Continuation
-Discretionary on Tradingview
-Based on a 1 Hour Timeframe or higher

Trade Management:
2+ Trades per Position
-Consider Closing at least 1 trade (depending on where it is relative to entry) when seeing the opposite signal
-Consider moving stop loss to break even on opposite signal

Best Volume Indicators:

Picking the RIGHT Indicator:

The BEST Indicator You’ve Never Heard of:

Tradingview Indicators


Trading the Trend:

RSI Bars (Candles):

Variable Index Dynamic Average (VIDYA):

Range Identifier:

Disclaimer: Trading in any market carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for everyone. Any ideas, analysis, content, or information contained in this video does not constitute investment advice. You trade at your own risk. Always remember that past performance is not indicative of future results.

TrendGenY reviews the most profitable trading strategies, the best trading strategies, the best indicators, and the best money management strategies, so that beginner traders and traders of all levels are able to find new ideas to consider implementing into their own trading strategy.

Much of what we will also go over in this channel includes the following:
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How to create profitable trading strategies and trading systems by combining different indicators, price action, fundamental analysis, and proper risk management and trade management.
How to profit from cryptocurrency trading, forex trading, stock trading, investing, etc… by persevering with effective trading psychology.

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Day Trading Strategy with The 3 Line Strike Indicator on Tradingview, Forex Event Driven Trading View

Forex Event Driven Trading View, Day Trading Strategy with The 3 Line Strike Indicator on Tradingview.


Usual Market-Moving Events

Supply rates show a consistent stream of brand-new info and also changing investor expectations of what the future holds. While a lot of this info is fairly benign in nature, such as regular work records or economic discourse, there are lots of occasions that can drastically relocating the marketplace for a provided stock or index. Identifying these events is the initial step in taking advantage of the resulting rate volatility.

Some usual micro-level events to see include:

Incomes Launches Company revenues have a tendency to move markets when they are available in above or listed below the market’s expectations, which means that it’s important for active investors to recognize the anticipated figures in advance.
Mergers & Acquisitions M&A has a tendency to generate dramatic boosts or lowers in share rates depending on the terms of the bargain, while producing a possibility for arbitrage methods in between the customer and vendor.
Spin-Offs Spin-offs tend to see a first decrease in share rate as institutional investors that got shares sell off their stake to comply with governing needs or various other regulations, thereby developing possibilities for investors.
See our Overview to Merger Arbitrage Trading.

Macro-level occasions to watch include:

All-natural Catastrophes Natural calamities can spark significant activities in the equity markets, specifically in specific fields that are subjected. As an example, a storm in the Gulf of Mexico might harm oil companies with rigs in the area.
Politics Political issues can have a significant impact on some equities, particularly partly of the world where plans can transform dramatically. A brand-new regimen in an arising market, as an example, can have a huge influence on the nation’s ETFs.
Monetary Plan Central bank monetary policy changes can have a large influence on broad equity indexes, given that rate of interest directly affect profile allowances, which means that these events are important for traders to keep track of very closely.

Occasion Driven Trading strategy

What makes trading stunning is that it highlights one’s character- EXCELLENT or POOR it will reveal whether you are born to trade, whether you act in a disorderly way, whether you are precise, really information in what you do, whether you fidget, persistent, uncertain or unreliable.
You will break the guidelines, you will secure with a position, stay with the marketplace direction, you will certainly do opposite to what you ought to if you have the disadvantages.
Every character is different and every personality has to find his way to trade markets. Why did I compose it? Due to the fact that I can not assure that you will certainly have the ability to see the marketplace the method I see it, act the way I act or that you will certainly really feel comfy with the system that I trade. I can ensure you that I did all I could to examine it extensively.

Markets and especially fx is an unique type of place where you can discover a great deal of information, you obtain such massive part of info that without experience when you review it you have no clue of what is occurring as well as usually make incorrect decisions.

Traders typically hesitate of details as individuals are afraid of unidentified. Master tells you not to trade during information publication, pay attention to you and your head none various other individual.

It is research study and also excellent approach that can make your trading successful none sign that will stay with the marketplace and reveal you the past. What you need to do is to locate as well as edge that is a great forecaster for the marketplace.

As an example you examine your professional advisor and you get outstanding equity curve so? does it imply anything? NO, you have simply overfitted to the past and found magic formula for the past.

What is margin in forex?

Margin is an essential part of leveraged trading. It is the term used to define the preliminary down payment you put up to open and maintain a leveraged setting. When you are trading forex with margin, keep in mind that your margin demand will certainly alter depending upon your broker, and also exactly how large your trade size is.

Margin is generally expressed as a percent of the complete placement. So, a trade on EUR/GBP, for example, could only require 1% of the total value of the position to be paid in order for it to be opened. So rather than transferring $100,000, you ‘d only need to deposit $1000.


Event-driven trading strategies provide a great means to profit from increasing price volatility, yet there are lots of risks and also limitations to think about. When creating and also implementing these techniques, it is necessary for traders to establish limited danger controls while supplying sufficient area for the unstable circumstance to play out in the marketplace. Ultimately, event-driven trading strategies provide an useful arrowhead in the quiver of any kind of energetic trader.

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Risk Alert:

All products listed on our website are traded on take advantage of, which implies they bring a high level of financial risk as well as you might shed more than your down payments. These products are not appropriate for all investors. Please guarantee you fully comprehend the risks as well as thoroughly consider your financial scenario and also trading experience prior to trading. Look for independent guidance if necessary.

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Day Trading Strategy with The 3 Line Strike Indicator on Tradingview
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