EP 6: Facebook Libracoin Economics, solution to financial issues or another overpromise?

Published on September 28, 2020

Find Latest info Explaining Forex Event Driven Trading Xyo, EP 6: Facebook Libracoin Economics, solution to financial issues or another overpromise?.

In this episode, we will unbox the economics design of Facebook’s Libra network. Applying the token economics framework, we will analyse the economics design of Libra coin based on the new Libra Whitepaper 2.0.

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1) Libra Whitepaper 2.0: https://libra.org/en-US/white-paper/
2) Libra blockchain protocol: https://developers.libra.org/docs/the-libra-blockchain-paper

EP 6: Facebook Libracoin Economics, solution to financial issues or another overpromise?, Forex Event Driven Trading Xyo

Forex Event Driven Trading Xyo, EP 6: Facebook Libracoin Economics, solution to financial issues or another overpromise?.

A few weeks back we covered measured moves on trend line breaks using a 2.0 (100% extension).

Normal visitors to this site have seen it utilized in various other contexts as well, particularly the Golden Ratio (1.618 ), mentioned plenty of times in our Quick Charts area, along with our social media sites channels. I have additionally gotten more than a points out using visitors on these channels, e-mails and so on, that tells me that the the crowd is paying attention and we’re starting to get closer to seeing the light behind these exhaustion factors. Today we’re returning to measured relocations, but in the context of volatility.

This topic is one which happens on uncommon celebrations, though certainly throughout times where uniformed traders have a tendency to get hit the hardest. Because of its rarity, I was going to resist on this blog post, up until I recognized # 2 in the previous sentence.

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Initially, allow’s bring everyone down to ground degree. What lots of traders classify as spikes just are not, and consequently we need to tiptoe with this, at the very least in the beginning. I wish to clarify how this market generally responds to occasions, what a true spike is, how they can be recognized, measured and traded.

True spikes are event-driven.

On any kind of typical day without surprises, this a progressive and usually slow-to-learn market. Consistent patterns or more probable, trading arrays are the norm. People and their algos are trained to trade “into” occasions that have yet to take place. Simply put, the market expects something to occur, and in expectation of that occasion, rate trades higher or reduced before the “deadline”.

A while back on this site I uploaded numerous examples of this.

You can find one below. In this certain situation, Moody’s endangered to downgrade numerous European nations. On the back of no change in condition or various other solid impact, the Euro traded reduced in the month that ensued. When the downgrade ultimately took place, EUR/USD had the contrary “intuitive” impact, and really traded higher.

Yet what’s intuitive?

A brand-new investor would think that an occasion like that would sink the Euro, not cause it to relocate higher, but well, it currently did. A month earlier. You failed, friend. The marketplace currently understood about this opportunity when Moody’s placed these nations on outlook unfavorable, therefore the occasion, which didn’t even occur yet, was currently “valued in”. When Moody’s shot and downgraded these nations, notified participants saw the Euro as oversold, and traded it a little higher.

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Instinct, when you check out it by doing this, is actually just common sense, but certainly you actually have to consider the pattern of occasions before you start to do what lasting traders do normally.

What is foreign exchange trading?

Foreign exchange, or forex, can be explained as a network of customers and sellers, that move money between each other at a concurred rate. It is the means whereby people, business and reserve banks transform one money into another if you have ever before taken a trip abroad, then it is likely you have made a foreign exchange purchase.

While a lot of forex is provided for sensible functions, the huge majority of money conversion is taken on with the goal of earning an earnings. The quantity of money transformed daily can make rate motions of some currencies incredibly volatile. It is this volatility that can make foreign exchange so eye-catching to traders: producing a better chance of high earnings, while additionally increasing the risk.


Followed severe care around that preliminary pullback point. Chasing after the activity with no kind of confirmation in terms of extension is going to be your killer. Quick stop losses in fast markets.

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