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In Forex terminology the method which the “SCALPING FOREX ROBOT” uses is called “scalping”. It’s 100% legal, and often used by experienced traders to make money by taking a few pips profit at a time. My scalping method allows mostly profitable trades to be open since the Robot knows the direction of the price move within the next few seconds. The question is only “how much” it makes. Sometimes only 1 or 2 pips. But occasionally even 10 or 20 pips in just one, two, up to 30 seconds. So watch the trades carefully, since you might even not notice them! So fast is the “SCALPING FOREX ROBOT”.
And this is where the “SCALPING FX ROBOT” does its intelligence – evaluating accurately the currency prices on different markets and at different brokers.

FOREX ECN ROBOT 2016, Ecn Scalper EA

Ecn Scalper EA, FOREX ECN ROBOT 2016.

Is it prohibited to be a day investor?

Day traders generally purchase on obtained cash, hoping that they will reap greater revenues via utilize, however running the risk of higher losses also. While day trading is neither illegal neither is it underhanded, it can be extremely dangerous.

Instance of Forex Scalping the EUR/USD.

Think a forex scalper trades the EUR/USD making use of a fad trading method. They recognize the recent pattern, await a pullback, and then buy when the cost begins moving back in the trending instructions.

Relying on volatility, the trader generally risks four pips and takes earnings at eight pips. The incentive is twice the danger, which is a positive risk/reward. If volatility is higher than typical, the investor will certainly run the risk of even more pips, and also try to make a larger earnings, however the position size will certainly be smaller than with the 4 pip stop loss.

Think the investor has a $10,000 account and wants to run the risk of 0.5% of their account per profession. That indicates they can lose $50 per profession. They are risking 4 pips. Each basic lot ($ 100,000) corresponds to $10 in earnings or loss per pip. Because the trader is risking four pips, they can trade 1.25 common whole lots ($ 50/ (4 pips x $10)). If they lose four pips on 1.25 basic great deals, they will certainly shed $50 which is their maximum threat per profession. Their earnings is double, so if they make eight pips, they will certainly gain $100.

The account has $10,000 in it, yet they are making use of a $100,000 position dimension. This is 10:1 take advantage of.


It is necessary for an investor to do their research study and comprehend what money trading actually includes; a few of this will certainly come from experience, which is why money management is so important, and also a few of it will certainly originate from educating one’s self. The money markets teem with myths that can damage an investor’s possibilities at success or can lead her astray. Develop a strong trading plan that is directly examined and also take complete responsibility for the success or failure of that plan; by doing this the impacts of the myths will be lessened or disposed of entirely. (From picking the appropriate type of stock to establishing stop-losses, discover how to trade intelligently.

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Risk Alert:

Our service includes items that are traded on margin as well as carry a risk of losses over of your deposited funds. The products might not be suitable for all financiers. Please guarantee that you completely recognize the threats involved.

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