How To Place Pending Orders On Your Metatrader 4 Mobile Platform

Published on September 3, 2020

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This video tutorial is will show you how to place pending orders on your Metatrader 4 mobile platform. The trading signals that we send to our clients use pending orders 90% of the time because we prefer to enter the market at specific levels rather than at market price. Our trading strategy allows us to set the orders and then not have to worry about the trade because we know that our risk/reward has been calculated and is accurate according to the parameters that we have chosen for our trading accounts and also our managed account service.

Trading Forex using candlestick patterns and structure formations. Foreign exchange trading can be a very lucrative solution to making money online. It is imperative to have the required knowledge and skill set to be a successful Forex trader. Correct money management principals and adhering to the rules of your strategy require discipline and commitment.

My forex trading strategy is based on trading patterns using technical analysis and the Eliott Wave theory but I do use a basic understanding of fundamental analysis before entering a trade. My Stop Loss and Take Profit targets are based on support and resistance levels.

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How To Place Pending Orders On Your Metatrader 4 Mobile Platform, Forex Event Driven Trading Quest

Forex Event Driven Trading Quest, How To Place Pending Orders On Your Metatrader 4 Mobile Platform.

The Breaks

Lots of people would specify a spike as cost swiftly breaking out of a range. Somewhat, I agree with this, but when you describe “the variety” as a purely straight block in cost, I differ. Right here are a couple of extremely current instances to reveal you what I’m talking about here:

Shocker I was going to use angled trendlines to do this, right?

However why would I use fad lines rather than straight “blocks”? Well, among the earliest publications I read on trading in my very early days told me to get such a breakout on a straight block in cost. Lengthy story short, I got butchered. “False breakouts” (one more term I loathe, however, for the sake of simplicity I’ll use here) are extremely usual. These “incorrect breakouts” jab below or above a range, and also reverse. There is absolutely nothing “incorrect” concerning these breakouts, incidentally maybe “incorrect” to the individual that doesn’t fairly recognize them they are just one more part of cost, but that’s one more blog post.

This idea is in fact far more quickly done by hand than it is structurally. First off, trading any real spike in cost, the possibility of you going into within the first 5 mins must be unusual, unless you’re doing this mechanically (with a program) and also straight access to a large pooled ECN or various other straight access network. Many people reading this may be wondering about the lots of spike trading software program available. Hmmm, yeah, well best of luck keeping that. Right here at NBT we often tend to prefer truth and also can’t claim we are fans of individuals informing others that this sort of trading is in any way appropriate on a mediocre platform with reduced access to liquidity. Please read on.

You want the initial whipsaws to decrease and also a real instructions to be proclaimed. Sometimes, it will certainly occur after the first 5 mins. Others, it will certainly take as much as 20-60 mins before an optimum or validated entry is located, depending upon the conditions and also stimulant.

Determining Spikes with the Golden Ratio
One of the key objectives of this post is to help train you NOT to discolor sharp drives in cost. When there is uncertainty airborne, many traders no darn well they should not be doing anything, yet they do it anyhow. If you experience constantly “selecting” at countertrend trades, please pay special focus:

There are two key factors we would wish to gauge a spike in the first place:
  1. To locate a possible fatigue factor at which to take revenues if we are trading in the instructions of a spike, or
  2. To discolor the activity
This is the 2nd writing I have here now concerning gauged moves. In the last post concerning this topic, we just discussed utilizing 2.0 (100%) on a trendline break.

Spikes can be gauged in several means, and also fair warning: what you see below may be a little debatable to long-time strategists, but like everything else on this internet site, I write about what benefit me, not what I check out in publications.

Another alternative to gauging proceed spikes is to just use the same idea we discussed several weeks ago:

fad line breaks and also 100% expansions. One of our viewers was quick to locate the bottom using this same idea adhering to Nonfarm Payrolls (convergence with the same graph above). Visit this site to see his graph. Assemblage guidelines constantly.

What is the spread in foreign exchange trading?

The spread is the distinction between the buy and sell prices quoted for a foreign exchange set. Like lots of financial markets, when you open up a foreign exchange placement you’ll be presented with two rates. If you wish to open up a lengthy placement, you trade at the buy cost, which is slightly above the marketplace cost. If you wish to open up a brief placement, you trade at the sell cost slightly below the marketplace cost.

What is a great deal in foreign exchange?

Currencies are sold great deals sets of currency utilized to standardise foreign exchange trades. As foreign exchange has a tendency to relocate percentages, great deals often tend to be huge: a conventional lot is 100,000 units of the base currency. So, due to the fact that specific traders won’t necessarily have 100,000 pounds (or whichever currency they’re trading) to place on every profession, mostly all foreign exchange trading is leveraged.

What is take advantage of in foreign exchange?

Utilize is the ways of gaining exposure to huge amounts of currency without having to pay the amount of your profession upfront. Instead, you take down a small deposit, known as margin. When you close a leveraged placement, your profit or loss is based on the complete size of the profession.

While that does multiply your revenues, it also brings the danger of enhanced losses including losses that can exceed your margin. Leveraged trading as a result makes it extremely essential to find out how to manage your danger.


Event-driven trading techniques offer an excellent means to maximize enhancing cost volatility, but there are lots of risks and also limitations to think about. When establishing and also executing these techniques, it’s important for traders to establish tight danger controls while offering adequate space for the unpredictable circumstance to play out out there. In the long run, event-driven trading techniques offer an useful arrowhead in the quiver of any active investor.

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Financial Disclaimer:

Our service consists of items that are traded on margin and also lug a danger of losses over of your transferred funds. The items may not be suitable for all financiers. Please make certain that you totally recognize the risks involved.

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