Learn how to Day Trade Gappers and Gaps (Beginner Momentum Trading Strategies)

Published on October 10, 2020

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For day traders to achieve success in the market, a sound strategy is required. For profits to be realized, discipline is needed. One of the best strategies that has proven to work over time is the Gap and Go strategy. To understand what Gap and Go strategy is all about, you need to understand some of its basic terms for examples gaps.

What are Gaps?
In trading, gaps refer to locations on the chart where the price of a security moves sharply in an upward or downward direction while little or no trading happens. This reflects a gap on the normal price pattern. Experienced traders have always interpreted and exploited these gaps for profit and that is what you are going to do with the Gap and Go strategy.

One thing you need to note is that gaps do not occur naturally. There are underlying factors that contribute to this phenomenon. For example when the earnings of a company are higher than expected, the said company will experience a rise in its stock value. This simply means that the price will start higher when the market opens than when the market closed the day before.

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Learn how to Day Trade Gappers and Gaps (Beginner Momentum Trading Strategies), Momentum Trading Warrior Trading

Momentum Trading Warrior Trading, Learn how to Day Trade Gappers and Gaps (Beginner Momentum Trading Strategies).


Momentum in financing is based upon the adhering to crucial elements:


Volume is the amount of a certain property that is traded within a provided time frame. Volume is not the number of purchases, however the number of assets traded– so, if 5 purchasers acquisition one property each, it looks the like if one customer purchases 5 of the property.

Volume is important to Momentum investors, as they require to be able to get in as well as exit settings rapidly, which counts on there being a stable stream of purchasers as well as sellers in the markets. If a market has a high number of purchasers as well as sellers, it is known as a fluid market as it is much easier to trade an asset for cash. Whereas if a market has a reduced number of purchasers as well as sellers, it is regarded as illiquid.


Volatility is Forex Momentum investors’ support. Volatility is the level of change in an asset’s cost– if a market is very volatile, it implies that there allow cost swings, while a market with reduced volatility is comparatively stable.

Momentum investors will certainly seek volatile markets, in order to make use of temporary rises and falls in an asset’s value. As Momentum trading efforts to capitalise on volatility, it is important to have an ideal risk administration technique in position to secure your professions from damaging market activities. This must include quits as well as limitations.


Momentum trading approaches are generally concentrated on temporary market activities, however the period of a profession can depend upon how much time the trend keeps its strength. This could make is suitable for investors that use longer-term designs such as setting trading, in addition to those that like temporary designs, such as day trading as well as scalping.

Exactly how to begin Momentum trading
Identify the property you are interested in
Develop Forex Momentum trading technique based upon technological indicators as well as evaluation
Practise trading in a safe setting using an IG trial account
Beginning trading on live markets by opening up an account with IG
Alternatively, you can find out more about trading approaches as well as indicators with IG Academy’s range of on the internet training courses.

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Learn how to Day Trade Gappers and Gaps (Beginner Momentum Trading Strategies)
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