Price Action Trading Strategy (loss of momentum)

Published on October 9, 2022

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There are a lot of price action trading strategies but this one will help you when hitting known levels of support and resistance. Being able to spot this price action loss of momentum will dramatically change the way you analyse.
Price action is king. period.

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Price action describes the characteristics of a security’s price movements. This movement is quite often analysed with respect to price changes in the recent past. In simple terms, price action is a trading technique that allows a trader to read the market and make subjective trading decisions based on the recent and actual price movements, rather than relying solely on technical indicators.

Since it ignores the fundamental analysis factors and focuses more on recent and past price movement, the price action trading strategy is dependent on technical analysis tools.

Many day traders focus on price action trading strategies to quickly generate a profit over a short time frame. For example, they may look for a simple breakout from the session’s high, enter into a long position, and use strict money management strategies to generate a profit. If you’re interested in day trading, Investopedia’s Become a Day Trader Course provides a comprehensive review of the subject from an experienced Wall Street trader. You’ll learn proven trading strategies, risk management techniques, and much more in over five hours of on-demand video, exercises, and interactive content.
Tools Used for Price Action Trading
Since price action trading relates to recent historical data and past price movements, all technical analysis tools like charts, trend lines, price bands, high and low swings, technical levels (of support, resistance and consolidation), etc. are taken into account as per the trader’s choice and strategy fit.

The tools and patterns observed by the trader can be simple price bars, price bands, break-outs, trend-lines, or complex combinations involving candlesticks, volatility, channels, etc.


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Price Action Trading Strategy (loss of momentum), Momentum Trading Price Action

Momentum Trading Price Action, Price Action Trading Strategy (loss of momentum).


How do short-term traders earn money?

One method to generate income on supplies for which the price is dropping is called brief marketing (or going short). Brief selling is a relatively simple idea: a financier obtains a supply, offers the stock, and then gets the supply back to return it to the lender. Short sellers are wagering that the stock they offer will decrease in cost.

What Is Momentum Investing?

Momentum investing includes a strategy to take advantage of the continuance of an existing market fad. It entails going long stocks, futures or market ETFs showing upward-trending costs and brief the respective properties with downward-trending costs.

Momentum investing holds that patterns can continue for time, and also it’s feasible to profit by sticking with a trend until its final thought, despite how much time that may be. As an example, Momentum capitalists that got in the UNITED STATE stock exchange in 2009 usually appreciated an uptrend up until December 2018.

Can anyone short a supply?

The primary risk of shorting a supply is that it will really increase in value, causing a loss. The possible price admiration of a supply is theoretically unlimited and also, therefore, there is no restriction to the prospective loss of a short setting. Nude short selling is the shorting of supplies that you do not own.


Momentum is a vital idea that has shown useful for identifying the likelihood of a lucrative profession. Dimensions of Momentum can be used in the short and also long term, making them helpful in all kinds of trading strategies. Numerous technological trading devices are available to expose the strength of fads as well as whether a trade on a particular property may be a good wager.

Nevertheless, investors must be forewarned that Momentum estimates are usually determined making use of dimensions of previous rate fads. Actual Momentum and rate can transform at any moment based upon occasions that weren’t factored right into the original calculations. Because of this, it is essential to take preventative steps, such as setting stop-losses, to protect versus unpredicted cost reversals in even one of the most potential Momentum scenarios.

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