Quantitative Momentum: A Systematic Process to Identify High Momentum Stocks

Published on April 4, 2022

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The American Association of Individual Investors held a live webinar event on Wednesday, September 9, 2020, with Jack Vogel.

Alpha Architect’s Jack Vogel discusses his book “Quantitative Momentum: A Practitioner’s Guide to Building a Momentum-Based Stock Selection System.” He presents the evidence behind a momentum stock strategy, considers whether there is a better way to select high momentum stocks and shows why portfolio construction matters.

Watch This Webinar and Learn: 
-The basics of momentum investing: how (and why) to build a momentum stock portfolio 
-The best ways to identify and select high momentum stocks  
-Answers to questions about constructing a momentum portfolio: How many stocks should I own? How often should I rebalance? How do I assess a real-world momentum portfolio?

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Other Resources
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Here are the slides from the presentation: https://www.aaii.com/files/images/09-20Quantitative.Momentum.pdf

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Quantitative Momentum: A Systematic Process to Identify High Momentum Stocks | AAII

Quantitative Momentum: A Systematic Process to Identify High Momentum Stocks, Momentum Trading Returns

Momentum Trading Returns, Quantitative Momentum: A Systematic Process to Identify High Momentum Stocks.

Popular Momentum signs

Momentum traders aren’t necessarily bothered with the fundamentals of the underlying asset– such as its long-term development potential customers and also the economic circumstances surrounding it. All Momentum Trading trader normally respects is cost action. This is why most Momentum investors rely heavily on technological analysis and also indicators to identify when to enter as well as leave each trade.

Popular Momentum indications consist of:

The Momentum indicator

The Closely Equal strength index (RSI).
Moving averages.
The stochastic oscillator.

Momentum trading summarized.

  • Momentum trading is the practise of purchasing and also offering possessions according to the recent toughness of price patterns.
  • They will open up a placement to take advantage of an expected cost change and shut the setting when the trend begins to shed its strength.
  • Momentum trading is based on Volume, volatility and timespan.
  • Momentum trading jobs by enabling traders to recognize the price of modification in a possession’s price or Volume. As neither price or Volume will certainly proceed in one direction indefinitely, Momentum is typically considered an oscillating action.
    Momentum investors focus on rate action instead of long-lasting growth as well as principles.
  • Popular indications for Momentum trading consist of the Momentum indicator, the RSI, MAs as well as the stochastic oscillator.

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