The Easiest Beginner Forex Scalping Strategy in the WORLD?

Published on February 13, 2023

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In this episode, I’m using the Easiest Beginner Forex Scalping Strategy in the WORLD! Or is it? I’ll teach you how to use it, educate you on the multiple exponential moving averages being used, and help you win more trades.

I’ll also show you my live trading account, as I attempt to go from $43,750 to $50,000 in a single week using this scalping strategy. Can I get it done? Or not?

I made 3 799. in 20 minutes using an easy beginner forex scalping strategy. I’m teaching you today so smash that like button subscribes to the channel for good luck on your next trade and let’s go make some money.

Today’s scalping strategy is from data trader this video has over 1 million views and the strategy is really beginner-friendly. I’ve got 41750 in a live trading account by the end of this week. I want to see if I can get that to 50 000 using just this scalping strategy alone.

So no big intro today let’s pop up the chart this is the first trade that. I had this week you can see the trade went in my direction and quickly smashed my take profit earning me 379 in just 20 minutes just.

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I am not giving any financial advice in this video, it is purely for education and entertainment. Past profits do not guarantee future profits.


0:00 Introduction
0:43 Easy Scalping Trade $3779 in 20 minutes
1:15 Where to Trade? HankoTrade
1:58 Beginner Forex Scalping Strategy Setup
3:17 The Trading Strategy (Rules, TP, SL, etc.)
7:22 Trading the Forex Scalping Strategy Live
9:42 Overall Trading Performance Numbers
11:17 Conclusion


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The Easiest Beginner Forex Scalping Strategy in the WORLD?, Forex Simple Scalper

Forex Simple Scalper, The Easiest Beginner Forex Scalping Strategy in the WORLD?.


What is considered scalping?

Ticket resale (likewise referred to as ticket scalping or ticket proclaiming) is the act of re-selling tickets for admission to events. Tickets are bought from qualified vendors and are then sold for a rate identified by the individual or business in ownership of the tickets.

Just How Forex Scalping Functions.

Scalping is like day trading in which a trader will open up a setting and then shut it once again during the existing trading session, never bring a setting right into another trading period or holding a position over night. Nevertheless, while a day investor might look to take a placement once or twice, and even a few times a day, scalping is a lot more unbalanced and will trade several times during a session.

Whereas a day investor might trade off five- and also 30-minute graphes, scalpers often trade off of tick charts and one-minute charts. Specifically, some scalpers like to attempt to capture the high-velocity actions that take place around the moment of the release of economic information as well as news. Such information includes the announcement of the employment statistics or GDP numbers whatever is high up on the trader’s economic schedule.

Scalpers like to attempt and scalp in between five and 10 pips from each trade they make and also to repeat this procedure over and over throughout the day. Pip is short for “percent in factor” and also is the smallest exchange rate motion a money set can take. Using high take advantage of as well as making trades with simply a couple of pips earnings each time can build up. Scalpers get the very best results if their professions are profitable and can be repeated often times over the course of the day.

Keep in mind, with one common whole lot, the typical worth of a pip has to do with $10. So, for every five pips of revenue made, the trader can make $50 at once. 10 times a day, this would certainly equate to $500.


The forex market is large and also liquid; it is thought that technological evaluation is a viable strategy for trading in this market. It can also be thought that scalping might be a viable technique for the retail forex trader. It is essential to note, however, that the forex scalper normally needs a larger down payment, to be able to handle the quantity utilize he or she must tackle to make the short and tiny trades rewarding.

The Easiest Beginner Forex Scalping Strategy in the WORLD?, Explore popular evaluations and vids explaining Forex Simple Scalper and financial groups, evaluation, trading signals and Forex mentor reviews.

Legal Disclaimer:

Our service includes items that are traded on margin as well as bring a danger of losses over of your deposited funds. The items may not be suitable for all financiers. Please guarantee that you totally comprehend the threats included.

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