Understanding & Trading Momentum

Published on December 30, 2022

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Momentum trading is a strategy in which you open trades only in the direction of strong price trends, capitalizing on the continuous price action and exiting before a reversal.

Momentum traders do not necessarily concern themselves with where a trend ends and begins but instead focuses on opportunities from the main body of the trend. In this mindset, traders may “buy high and sell higher.”
While momentum trading follows short-term trends, it should not be confused with trend trading, which refers to longer-term trades. Trend trading, or trend following, applies to macro asset classes only and ignores the short-term fundamentals many momentum traders watch closely.
Momentum trading works if you believe in sustained market trends. A quick glance across a few charts usually reveals that they exist – upward price swings can last several days or weeks, and a short squeeze can draw on for an even longer period.

However, there are no guarantees that the trend will continue. Trading momentum leaves you at risk of reversals and price corrections. The strategy requires close attention to your trades, as a stalled price can cause selloffs that quickly snowball.

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Understanding & Trading Momentum, How Momentum Trading Works

How Momentum Trading Works, Understanding & Trading Momentum.


How do short-term traders earn money?

One means to earn money on supplies for which the cost is dropping is called brief marketing (or going short). Short selling is a rather basic principle: a financier borrows a supply, sells the stock, and afterwards acquires the stock back to return it to the loan provider. Brief sellers are wagering that the stock they market will decrease in cost.

What Is Momentum Investing?

Momentum investing includes a strategy to take advantage of the continuation of an existing market fad. It entails going long supplies, futures or market ETFs revealing upward-trending costs as well as short the corresponding possessions with downward-trending prices.

Momentum investing holds that fads can linger for time, and also it’s possible to profit by staying with a trend till its conclusion, regardless of for how long that might be. As an example, Momentum financiers that entered the UNITED STATE securities market in 2009 usually appreciated an uptrend till December 2018.

Can anybody short a stock?

The main threat of shorting a stock is that it will really increase in value, causing a loss. The potential cost admiration of a stock is in theory unlimited and also, therefore, there is no limit to the potential loss of a brief position. Naked brief selling is the except stocks that you do not possess.


Momentum is a key principle that has actually confirmed useful for figuring out the chance of a successful profession. Dimensions of Momentum can be utilized in the brief and long term, making them useful in all kinds of trading strategies. A number of technological trading devices are available to reveal the toughness of trends and also whether a trade on a particular property might be an excellent bet.

However, investors must be forewarned that Momentum projections are usually determined making use of dimensions of previous cost trends. Real Momentum as well as cost can change at any moment based on occasions that weren’t factored into the initial estimations. Due to this, it is very important to take preventative procedures, such as establishing stop-losses, to protect versus unforeseen rate reversals in also the most likely Momentum circumstances.

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